Educational Architecture

“Heckel’s Expressionist Ceilings”. Higher Technical School of Building, of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, July 2021

Color is an expressive means of art and one of the paths that lead to abstraction, but also a constructive means of architecture; It ceases to be decoration and an accessory to become part of the generating idea and the project itself. In this line we propose to create color experiences from art, in the architectural space. Starting from the expressionist painting Gandask’s house by Erich Heckel (Thyssen Museum) we begin a process of interpretation and synthesis: the stable limits that contain the painting are defined with the pinks, oranges and earth of the walls; we delimit the central movement with pinks, reddish, green and orange; and finally, the aerial elements with the blue ones. Colors become spatial and architectural elements. Finally, as a result of this process, we define the Heckel expressionist keyboards that will allow them to be used in any architectural project, born from this magnificent painting: the “beautiful expressionist colors.

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